Dear guests,

It was love at first sight when I came upon this house located at the edge of a forest.
I just had to call it “Snow White” as it reminded me of my favourite
childhood character who could talk to the animals of the woods.

Here we encourage biodiversity. It is not rare to see roe deer, squirrels, foxes,
hedgehogs, blue tits as well as birds of prey, such as buzzards and kites.
This place is dedicated to the nature surrounding us, which I am in awe of and wish to share with you.

I even go a step further by inviting you to cut yourselves off from your
daily routine. Many guests approve the idea of
being electronically unattainable for a while and are grateful for it.

You will be very welcome in this quiet house, which benefits from exceptional light and comfort.
For breakfast, which is included in the rate, we will serve fresh and local produce
carefully chosen, along with home-baked bread.

Fruit and fresh flowers will be in your room awaiting you.

I hope to meet you soon!


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